Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nintendo Streetpass Event in Pittsburgh, and Caturday

As always, a little note before I launch into Caturday. Tomorrow is the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 3DS. Words cannot even describe. However, this isn't about me. What this is about is if you happen to be a Pittsburgh native and need something to do tomorrow. Gamestop in Robinson, the one across from IKEA, is having a 3DS Streetpass event at 1 PM. There's a big Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, giveaways, free food and drinks, and most importantly, a chance to get some more Streetpass tags so you can get puzzle pieces and hats in the little minigame. I'll be there at some point. I'll be the one whooping with excitement and doing cartwheels in the parking lot.

So I have a trend recently with wanting to save the cats who need to be alone. Like Midnight on the last Caturday. The ones who want to be the only one in their owner's life and just cannot stand sharing the love. This poor girl is Ella, which is an awesome name for a cat, and she's about four years old. She was the princess of her house when her owner's brought a new male cat into the house, and this really seemed to upset her. It must have been really difficult to be abandoned when you were the one who was there the whole time. I don't think I could have done that. It would have felt like I was betraying her. But apparently she's a really affectionate little thing once you gain her trust, and she adores being brushed. I love the look on her face in this picture too. "Catnip? Is that what I smell? CATNIP?!" If you'd like to visit her or get some more information, she's at my favorite shelter, Animal Friends. Their number is (412) 847-7000, and all you have to do is reference Ella's ID number, A005578, and she could be the new pampered princess of your home!

I really do love Ella as a kitty name. Mine is named Sophie, so those are some serious princess names. Too bad Ella wants to be the only kitty of the house, or they'd probably be quite the pair. I really lucked out with Sophie. She gets along with every animal she meets. Someone brings their dog over to visit, she checks them out for a bit and then it's like they've known each other forever. It's pretty cute actually. Speaking of cute, I'm gonna go find her and rub her fuzzy belly and then go to bed. She's like a wishing troll. A wishing troll that chews on your arm while you rub its belly. And then after it's sufficiently slobbered all over you, it goes off into the night to hunt down stink bugs. That's one awesome wishing troll.

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