Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google+ Geeking

Wow what the heck happened to me? I mean I was here one week and wait. It was...vultures. Vultures detained me, but now I'm back.

Just a quick post letting you know that I've succeeded in getting into Google+, and I pretty much love it so far. The Circles feature is absolutely brilliant. It makes sharing things with specific people SO simple. Say you are a huge food lover but you don't need to share your foodie gossip with every single person on your account. You can have a Circle of foodie friends and simply share it with only them. And those foodie friends can be in multiple Circles, such as if one of them is one of your really good friends and you want them to be in that group as well. The design is nice and simple and gloriously free of Farmville, but it's only a matter of time.

In other news, I'm thinking of taking a vacation in the fall, all by me onesie. And if I don't put this in here I may forget about it tomorrow, because it's 11:15 PM and I feel like a child whose bedtime is 8 PM. I am way too tired to be awake right now. But tomorrow I assure you there will be a TACO post. It might be short, it might be late, but there will be one.

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