Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter-Themed G+ Circles, and Caturday's Mystery Cat

My Harry Potter Google+ Circles theme thus far:

Order of the Phoenix: People I'm good friends with. Mostly IRL or local tweeters.

Death Eaters: People I hate but still want to keep an eye on, incase an uprising may occur. Aka Sarah Palin, Brendan Fraser, or Luke Wilson's nose.

The Daily Prophet: News and blogs I enjoy reading.

The Library: Bookish friends and writers. I want so badly to think of a better name, but "The Restricted Section" just makes it sound like they're my porno friends or something.

The Quibbler: Geeky and amusing folks.

Quidditch World Cup: Sports-related news.

There's more I want to use, but can't seem to actually find a use for. Maybe I'll just make empty circles just because it doesn't look complete without them. Or I could always assign specific people to each circle for private conversation. Although I'm not sure if that many people actually want to have conversations with me.

Anywho, I found this pretty girl, Relish, on my usual glance through the listings at Animal Friends. Usually they have a little bit about what the shelter staff think of the animal's personality or history, but there was just a generic message about her. She's only two years old and I just couldn't help wondering what happened with her eye. She looks sort of like a big, luxurious Maine Coon, which I adore. I'm considering calling the shelter to ask about her. It looks like some of the other new listings don't have a personalized message either, which kind of irks me, because I'm usually more interested in their story than what they look like. Wonder if they need someone to write them up? I would gladly do that. I just know Relish probably needs a lot of love and somebody who will care about her. She looks like a kitty who loves being brushed. I bet that's something she would really appreciate. If I get ahold of Animal Friends I'll edit this with some more info. In the meantime, you could call them as well and set up an appointment to meet her! She's still a young girl with a lot of playtime years left. Call Animal Friends at (412) 847-7000 and ask for animal A007677.

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