Thursday, July 7, 2011

TACO and That Time I Thought it was 7 AM when it was 7 PM

Thursday's Amazing Clump of Obsessions (TACO), as promised. Firstly, an amusing story before the TACO. And since I for some reason don't feel like writing in paragraphs today, you get this:

I work weekdays until about 3:30 or 4 pm. I'm tired everyday, but I only take a nap in the afternoon once or twice a week.
Yesterday was a definite nap day. I was falling asleep for the entire first half of my day.
I got home and was literally in bed in a minute.
Two hours go by. It's 7:04 and my alarm goes off.
I stare at the time for two seconds, then my heart explodes and I launch myself out of bed.
I am positive that I hear a car running outside, which should be my dad since we drive into work together, but nothing is out there.
Sweet mother of god, it's 7 AM. Why the hell didn't dad call me if I didn't come out right away? Did he just drive off to work without me?
I get to the living room. My mother is snoring on the couch. She should have left for work at 6. I am freaking out. There seems to be a tear in the space-time continuum.
I run back to my room and grab my phone to call my dad.
As soon as I hit "Call," I see the little "pm" after the time.
I instantly hit the "End" button and smack myself in the face.
Of course the call went through for one second, and he calls me back.
Everybody somehow knows about it today.
Many laughs are had.


Google+ and the new Gmail design

I really think Google finally did something right with their attempts at a social network. I am just geeking out like crazy over the Circles, which allow you to share things with different groups of people instead of everybody at once. Now you might be saying well, I could just send those other people a message in Facebook, couldn't I? This is far more innovative. Not only can you choose which Circles to share with, but you can actually view your own profile as any one person might view it. Just incase you're wondering whether a certain someone might be able to see something or not. But say you REALLY like rock climbing, but you are fairly certain that most other people on your profile don't really give a damn about it. Instead of bogging down their feeds with your ecstatic rock-filled posts, you can have a Circle of fellow rock-climbing enthusiasts from all over the world. And share your rocky adventures with them as much as you please. AND, in the case of someone else being interested in said adventures, you can choose your Rock-Climbing Circle, then type in the name of the other person you want to share with. It's so versatile I can't even think straight. I just start rambling.

Also awesome is the new Gmail design, which I cannot stop gazing at for the life of me. You can preview it from a web browser. I'd love to post a screencap but I have terrible fears of people stealing things from screencaps of my personal accounts, so you'll just have to investigate for yourself. But it's incredibly classy, and I adore it.


Tiny Tower on iOS

Firstly, it's free. There are no ads. It's just a cute little management game where you build more floors on your tower and move new folks in to do some work. I don't know why it's so addictive. I think most of its charm is the graphics. It was also the game of the week last week, which is awesome for a free game.


Architecture Books

I just stumbled upon some architecture books on and fell in love. I bought this one because it concerns architecture for the public good that isn't only efficient, but environmentally sound. I still haven't received it yet but I am immensely excited. I like the idea of architecture that's isn't just about the prettiest or most expensive design, but about the best way to build in that space in order to help people. I'm almost positive this one was a textbook, but I'm not below reading textbooks for pleasure. I'm already seeing more of these that I'd like to buy, but we'll see how I feel about it after this one.

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  1. I've done that exact same thing with AM/PM taking a nap. It feels awesome coming down from that anxious panic attack though. Like a near death experience.