Sunday, August 7, 2011

Catsunday and the ASPCA $100k Challenge

...Or Catsunday, if you're bad at keeping to your own schedule.

Clearly I picked the perfect weekend to read Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. I tore through it in about a day, mostly because I legitimately could not wait to read more of her three cats' antics. I really loved the hilarious way that she narrated these snapshots, where I could just picture all of it with perfect clarity. It was impossible for me not to relate to the way Gwen was so fiercely protective of them. I miss my little baby girl Sophie all day when I'm at work. At the ripe time of 5:30 AM she is almost always crawling around my head, chewing on my hair and gnawing on my arms. She walks all up and down my bed, demanding in meek, though still authoritative, meows, that I get up right this instant. I'm a notoriously grumpy person in the morning, and she really does try her best to get me up, but sometimes after so many times of me moaning "Ughhhh I hate the morninggghdjkhflkds" into my pillow, she suddenly relents. She will come over and lay right in front of me so that she can stare at me, and out of nowhere she'll emit a little mew, reach her paw out, and touch my cheek. I'm not sure why she does it, but it's like she's saying "I'll be right here when you get back, and I've tried my best thus far, but you really need to get the hell out of bed."

Obviously I'm an avid cat lover and really want to find homes for every shelter cat on earth, although that's a pretty lofty and, admittedly, impossible dream. In fact, I don't think there should really even be a ceiling for how many animals we'd like to rescue. The goal should honestly just be to help as many animals as possible, so I think I'll revise my dream to reflect this. Yesterday I stumbled across an event that the ASPCA is doing from August 1 until October 31st that's entitled the $100k Challenge. The basic gist is that if your shelter is the one that sees the largest increase in animals saved in relation to the same period last year, you'll receive the grand prize $100k grant. I'm a little surprised that my favorite local shelter, Animal Friends, isn't involved, but then again it is a national competition, and they may not have gotten enough votes to be one of the final competitors. I've been following the @aspca and their hashtag for the event, #aspca100k, on Twitter this weekend, finding myself really impressed by the numbers that some shelters are putting up. Hundreds in one day, in some cases. But even if your local shelter isn't a contestant this year, that doesn't mean you can't go over and pick up a new kitty or puppy from them, because that could increase their chances of winning the grant next year. Of course, you mostly just want to give an animal its forever home and someone they can always depend on. If any shelters near you are participating though, I'd really love to hear what they're doing to raise awareness to the cause. Send whatever you've got, except cheesy chain mail involving touching e-cards from Blue Mountain or wherever the hell those abominations come from, to

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