Sunday, August 14, 2011

I need this like I've never needed anything before

It'd be hard to fake this photo. Actually it'd probably be very easy, but I'm erring on the side of optimism and extreme hopefulness right now. This is obviously a physical product that I must have in my possession the day that its sku goes live in the system. Whether it's a full dvd set or just a pretty box with the Elder Wand on top, it must be mine.

I ran across this over at Mugglenet, and simply had to gush a little over here. Ok maybe a lot. Maybe I'm already thinking of setting money aside for this marvel of magnificence, perhaps even pushing back my expected date-by-which-I-need-to-have-my-own-place. Maybe I'm looking at my bank account right now and wondering why the hell I bought this Gotham, Pennsylvania tshirt for $20 from CWPress when that $20 could have gone towards the aforementioned higher cause. MAYBE I'M AMAZED AT THE WAY I REALLY NEED YOU.

Mugglenet seems to not actually have the Amazon France listing on their post, so I did some digging myself. And here it is. Now I'm slightly worried because it seems to say that it's exclusive to Amazon France, which is simply unacceptable. I'll be writing many angry letters if this is true. I know there will be tons of "limited edition" sets with lots of extra goodies, and if this is a French exclusive then I need a US exclusive that is somehow forty times better. This must be done.

But I did just find this for what appears to be years 1-6, also on the Amazon France site:

Going to go write my letter to Santa now.


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