Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Hug Trees and Have Opinions

Let’s start by reflecting on things that are awesome, just to put things into perspective.*
  • Coffee mugs with cats on them
  • My cat
  • Leaving work a minimum of one minute earlier than usual
  • Seeing a wild Aston Martin out in its natural habitat, almost crashing my decidedly less-awesome Honda Civic, and living to tell the tale.
  • Dave Grohl
  • Dave Grohl dressed as a woman
Anyway. Recently I discovered Society6, where hipster-folk go for hipster-y wall prints and cases for their iPhones and artists submit their hipster-y art for purchase. I’m like 40% hipster. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I hug trees and have opinions.**

I spent the better part of two days weeding out my favorite designs and putting them side by side in a file for comparison purposes. I started out with about ten designs, chipped away at them until I had four, and then made the big grand-daddy of decisions from there. Now, not only did I take a long and perilous journey of self-discovery, but I found a new artist to adore and add to my apartment décor pinboard on Pinterest.

This is going on my wall as soon as I move, along with my hand-drawn map of Middle Earth.*** The artist’s name is Valentina. Her art is everywhere. As prints, more prints, on clothing, bedding, iPhone cases, fabric, wall murals, pillowcases, probably on cakes or some shit, who knows. All I know is I want to plaster my walls with it. And sleep on it. And wear it. And eat it. Two more favorites:

One of Valentina's designs is going to be on my forthcoming new iPhone case which my pops offered to buy me for Christmas. I don’t feel like telling you which, and chances are it isn't even one of the ones I featured, so you know, use your imagination. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to back to pinning things on my pinboards for the apartment that hovers, torturously, just out of my grasp.
* - this put nothing into perspective, and looking back, served no purpose whatsoever
** - should be on a t-shirt in Helvetica font
*** - accomplishes the simultaneous feats of being the dumbest thing I have ever bought as well as one of the most awesome things I own.

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