Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pictures for Non-Existent Walls

I'm on an art kick. The evidence is clear. Now my only problem is that I have no walls to put this stuff on. That's ok though, because I can just put all of it on my Pinterest so I don't forget about it. That's usually what gets me out of buying things. I'll say well, I'll just buy it later. Then I'll forget about it, which is a sign that it wasn't really necessary in the first place, right? But now I have Pinterest, where I can put EVERYTHING I COULD POSSIBLY WANT into organized pinboards for later purchase. Actually at this point, after all the shit I've added to these boards, I almost wish Pinterest didn't exist. But I digress.
The art I'm featuring today is by Jessica Swift, who is clearly suppressing a deep love for The Legend of Zelda, as there are a whole crap-ton of Triforces in the image above. I came across her art on Fab.com today and knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw it. Colors everywhere. Exactly the kind of stuff I want to put in my creative room/office next year, which is where I'll write, draw, paint, play the damn flute, and have an entire wall made into a bulletin board. I naturally made the mistake of googling her to check out if she had a website, which of course she does, and it is filled with prints and iPhone cases and rainboots and calendars and SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS AND BUNNY RABBITS. You can even get some of her original paintings for pretty reasonable prices. I can't wait to pick all of these prints out, have tubes and tubes and tubes coming in the mail, and plaster them all over my office. I'd also really like to have twine hooked throughout the ceiling with clothespins to hang pictures from. It's obviously going to be my favorite room, and I already get intense bursts of creativity just thinking about it.
Oh and one last print of hers that I'd like to share. I used to hate prints like this. Maybe I was just a miserable little puddle of darkness, but these inspirational text prints used to drive me up a wall. Now I cannot get enough of them. And I think I need one in my life, somewhere I will always see it. I've really been way too prone to insecurity and low confidence recently, and perhaps something like this hanging on the inside of the front door would give me a little burst of sunshine for the day. Even in my worst moments of worrying and thinking too much, this is something that I absolutely MUST try to remember:

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