Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday is Caturday (on Monday)

You may or may not have noticed that it is Monday. The reason I wasn't able to update on Saturday, the actual Caturday, is that Kate Middleton asked me to fly to London in a supersonic jet so that I can advise her on what naughty little numbers she should wear for the honeymoon, and so that she could put in a good word for me with Prince Harry. I also visited gay bars and sang Phil Collins hits until dawn, at which point I supersonic jetted back here and discovered Elvis living underneath a bridge in Beaver County.*

Anywho! For our return to Caturday, I introduce Precious. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I'm lying there facing her and we're just gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. What a perfect little face. Although I may have named her Caterpillar, because of the black pseudo-eyebrow shape above her eye. Precious is in a foster home right now, since she's had a very hard journey and needs some extra love. She started off as a little stray, rescued by a kind man and living several years with him and her best kitty friend, Tigress. But their owner became ill, and the two of them were brought to Animal Friends. She missed her owner desperately, and it's been hard for her to open up again, but she has returned to her friendly and trusting self once more. She's eleven years old, gentle and loving, and hoping for someone to adopt her soon, because she's been waiting so long. How can you resist those eyes? Or her caterpillar eyebrow! You can find out more about her and set up a meeting by calling (412) 847-7000 and asking about kitty ID A004168!

I'm glad Precious is kicking off this new leg of Caturday posts. I may design a new header image. I'm super excited, and considering volunteering at Animal Friends sometimes so I can tell you guys even more about some of the kitties I feature. I know I'd probably get attached to them, but I'd still like to give them some comfort and love.

*My little cousins put my hair in pigtails with pink ribbons, the one knocked my uncle's glass of red wine all over my crotch, and a wonderful photo op for the family album was born.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day, and Caturday Returns

That's right! I've decided to bring back my weekly kitty adoption feature. Honestly I don't know why it fizzled away in the first place. Probably some sort of meaningless reason that shouldn't have ever happened in the first place. But alas! Caturday shall return tomorrow afternoon!

Unrelated to that, I woke up at two pm today. After I flew into an untamable rage, tossing my blankets around and surging towards the coffee maker, I realized it's Earth Day. The first thing I did, of course, was jet on over to Google to check out their logo. This is literally one of the very first things I do on holidays. The supernerd in me gets a kick out of how their designers manipulate the logo for whatever special occasion is going on. Anywho, today's Earth Day doesn't disappoint:

And it's actually animated, too. When you mouse over the different animals they do little animations. When you mouse over the river, a fish swims up the waterfall and then a bear snatches it out of the air lol. I didn't even notice the little frog on the right or the koala in the tree until just now, either. Yay cuteness! Nevertheless, I think I'll take the bus to work today. I have to drive part of the way since there's no route where I live, but it's all good.

Anyway, I think everybody should do at least something little today. Take the bus, plant something in your yard, pick up some of the litter in a local area, donate to some eco-friendly cause. Because who can forget the age-old wisdom of the ancient sage known as Captain Planet:


Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have a Beef with the "Place Order" Button.

Here is just a taste of the beautiful nonsense that rules my life:

Roundabout 11:38 PM -  I realize that I spent half of my only day off since last Sunday with my mouse pointer poised to click on a button that had some variation of "Place Order" on it. I decide to stop impulse buying online. Only online, because I virtually never impulse buy in real life. I decide to keep a log of each time I get to the final page with the "Place Order" button, and succeed in not pressing it.

11:44 PM - I open Excel. I realize I have never opened Excel on this computer, which I got nearly two years ago. Update windows spring up in my face and I'm forced to wait ten minutes for it to update.

11:45 PM - I wonder if there's a Mac version of Excel, since I'm on a Mac. I open the App Store, because this is a perfectly common practice for me, and I'm 100% oblivious to what I'm doing.

12:08 AM - Nearly half an hour later I finally realize I almost bought three different programs, including Numbers, while waiting for the program that I was initially going to use to update.

12:10 AM - I am banging my head off the keyboard.