Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is Ridiculous

The boxes are going to be red. That's it. No Nintendo-Select pricing. You cannot imagine what I was thinking when I saw this image in a Joystiq article this morning. I've wanted to play Mario Kart again for forever, but I really don't have $40 to plunk down on it. Because Mario games never go down in price, and when they do, it's 14 years after I originally wanted them. And apparently the red boxes are so that people can...find them better. Do you know how easy it is to spot a Mario game at a store? Either you look at the beginning of the M's or under the "Super" titles. And there they are. They're already probably the easiest games to find, except for the Zhu-Zhu pet games with a mini hamster toy that was probably made in Nam. And the Kung-Zhu games. And the Zhu-Zhu Princess games. Do not ask me how I know all of these things exist.

Fortunately the DS Lite is getting its price slashed to $99.99 on June 5. But I don't particularly care. I'm just angry about the Mario titles. I mean, why don't they just package Mario titles in red cases from now on? It worked nicely for the New Super Mario Bros. on Wii, didn't it? Let's not get poor twenty-something girls' hopes up and send them crashing down again.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Different Sort of Caturday

Today I won't be featuring a kitty that I've never met. I'm not really sure what sort of post it'll be. Maybe just me musing on why I can't help this cat. Or why it's confined to a small space in the basement with no windows. But I've known this cat for a pretty long time and I honestly can't believe the situation that she's in.

This is Midnight. She's over ten years old and pretty overweight because she literally has no space to exercise. She has belonged to someone I know since she was a kitten, and for awhile she had an entire house to run around in and tons of windows to look out of. Then that person moved in with someone who already had two cats. Those two cats and Midnight apparently didn't get along. The other two cats were favored more and Midnight was jealous and upset. She became a little ornery about everything because nobody seemed to like her anymore. So she was put in the dirty laundry room in the basement, right beside the garage. When I go to that house I always visit her and it destroys me that I can't just whisk her away from that tiny space and give her a proper home. She needs a place where she is the only cat, and I have a little kitty already that she probably wouldn't get along with. I was housesitting at this place while the people were on vacation, and Midnight was the most affectionate cat I've ever seen. The garage was empty so I let her in there to roam around a bit. She had gray clumps of fur on her back where she couldn't reach anymore, so I cut them out and brushed her, which she was fine with for awhile. Her patience for being brushed is sort of thin, but I don't blame her really. She lets you brush her for a bit, then it seems like she remembers how people can stop being nice in an instant and shut you in a dark, cold basement. Midnight is such a pretty cat. She has that look on her face, which is right in the picture, that's saying "Please give me a spot of sunlight on the carpet to sleep in." Her fur constantly has cat litter on it since she basically goes to her litter box then tracks it all back to her bed. I feel so bad for her. I wish I could help. I'm not really asking for someone to come forward and offer to adopt her, although I wouldn't turn you away if you offered, but I guess I'm just asking for a thought or two about the animals that live like this and are neglected every day. And some people might say that Midnight is just a mean cat, but I doubt those people would act any different if they were in this sort of situation. You'd be just as distrustful and upset. If you have a kitty who has lots of space and windows to look out of, go rub behind its ears for a second. It'll at least know it's loved.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's Amazing Clump of Obsessions

I think Thursday is a good day to do my weekly obsessions. Because I need to go through some of the week to have weekly obsessions, right? Duh. I also nearly put "snazzy" in place of "amazing," except then that would ruin the acronym for the feature...which is TACO. Come on now. It doesn't get any better than TACO for an acronym.


Michael Bolton is...the Awesomest Person Ever. Seriously. (NSFW)


Nintendo Finally Gets on the "Greatest Hits" Bandwagon

After a whole lot of forever, there are finally some "greatest hits"-ish pricing for games that aren't complete garbage. Well, I personally think Super Sluggers is partial garbage. And wait a second. Doesn't Wii Sports come with the console? Its inclusion in this special is strangely not useful at all. Either way, I wish I still had a Wii so I could rebuy Animal Crossing, because I could run around catching bugs and fishing for hours.


Awesomely Cute Art by Apofiss on Deviantart

It looks better in its normal size, or in its gigantic wallpapered size, which is how it is on my computer at the moment. I love the cuteness and the darkness combined. And the smudgyness!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Happens When it Happens...and it Really Happens

There it is. The phone of my dreams. Also in the photo is Harold, the plastic shark that was hanging out on the side of a huge alcoholic beverage entitled the "Shark Bite." It had a test tube of some sort of reddish something in it, and when you put the shark in the drink it looked like it had just torn apart a seal or something. Very clever. I'm obviously having a hard time staying focused because of my utter rapture right now. I've had it since yesterday morning, but I was simply too absorbed in fanangling it to my specifications and downloading the necessary apps that I knew I wouldn't be able to pause long enough to write a blog. I'm going to make the Flickr feed a feed of my iPhone photos, because I'll be taking tons. And should you have interest in what I'm up to you can probably find something there. I also like the idea of putting all my pictures on there because I literally take a ton of cell phone pics, and I don't need them all on the phone after I take them. Yay for cloud saving!

Now I just have to wait like twelve centuries for my case from Amazon to come. I also bought one of these clothbound books that I'm obsessed with just to make it over $25 so I could get free shipping, but that was probably a bad idea because the free shipping option usually takes longer. Speaking of things I'm currently obsessed with, I'm thinking of doing a weekly post with that theme. I've found some really cool stuff recently and I think I have a duty to share it. Maybe I'll do it on Tuesdays? Or even Mondays just because Mondays are absolute garbage. And I'd like to cheer people up. These posts have the potential to be really long too. Now I just need to make a snazzy title for the post. And probably a logo title because I love that crap. Welp time to go plan. See you guys tomorrow...or Tuesday.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The First Thing That Popped into My Head

I'm sure you've seen the video of Osama wearing a snuggie-like wrap and watching himself on tv. I don't really feel like having that bastard on my website in photo form so if you haven't seen it you can see it here. I honestly couldn't help myself at this point. This is the first thing that came to mind. It's like in Ghostbusters when the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man just pops into his head. I literally couldn't stop it from happening.

Osama: *flipping through channels* Do we get MTV? Some Americans think the Jersey Shore kids are terrible but I find their lifestyle really invigorating. Ooh look it's me. God I look fat.

Man Behind Camera: Haha! You're watching yourself on tv! Hold on, I need to get my iPhone. It's underneath all of these incriminating documents isn't it...yeah there it is.

Osama: Thumbs up! We should play some Wii Bowling later.

Man Behind Camera: No turn back around and act like you don't know I'm taking the video.

Osama: Haha ok!

Man Behind Camera: Ok ready? Stop smiling! Ok. One, two--

*soccer ball flies through the window*


*meanwhile, on the outside of the barbed wire fence*

Kid: Son of a bitch. We'll never get our ball back.


Reporter: So what was he like?

Man: Well usually he came out on his porch at around 8 AM sharp. His robe is always hanging open. He just stands there with his coffee in his hand, looking around for at least ten minutes while he decides what to do.

Reporter: He just stands there.

Woman: Sometimes scratches his ass at the same time.

Man: Yeah, yeah that too.

Reporter: So would you say he kept to himself a lot?

Woman: I mean, sometimes he wouldn't even say hi in the morning.

Man: Yeah. Really rude.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caturday After Dark, a.k.a. Posting Late

Here we are at 11:40 PM for an edition of late night Caturday, in which nothing is really different at all except for the fact that I'm posting this late at night. If only I could make some sort of dirty joke, but I had such an awful day at work that I honestly don't feel inclined to even drag a "that's what she said" joke out. I mean I literally did everything possible wrong today. Sometimes when I tell people it was just "one of those days," I'm probably not really having that bad of a day at all. But this was one of those days, and then some. And then the first thing I did after I took my shoes off at home was put my foot in a nice gushy pile of cat barf. Why not when I still had my shoe on? WHY?!

Anyway! Let's check out Lacey from Paws Here Awhile Pet Resort in Beaver Cty, PA. I had a really hard time picking which photo I wanted to feature, because she looks so incredibly soft and pretty in this picture, but one of the other ones showcases the rest of her luxurious coat! The main reason I chose Lacey for today was because she looks a lot like my cat Star, who just died a few weeks ago. The tail did it for me. I loved that bushy tail when I was little. I used to run it over with my little cars and thought it was all good fun. Lacey is still a little girl though, not even a year old, but she was already abandoned. It must be tough to be a little kitten and think you've found your family forever, only to be abandoned shortly after. She looks like such a sweet little kitty though, and apparently she's very friendly and affectionate. Check her out today! How can you resist that face?! I'm melting from the cuteness.

I'll go ahead and dedicate today's post to Star. I was gonna go on and talk about this ridiculous Kinect peripheral that I heard about today, but let's save that to tomorrow. So in honor of Star, go adopt a kitty who needs a home and a family. And if you can't, donate to your local shelter. The kitties and the doggies and their humans will be thankful! :)

Star, who is currently eating all the grass she wants in kitty heaven.

And not barfing any of it up.



Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Must Design a Dave Grohl T-shirt

I humbly request that you gaze upon the blissful face of Dave Grohl as a pigtailed schoolgirl in the old "Learn to Fly" video. That right there. I want that exact image on a t-shirt. I will wear it every single day. In fact, I'll have seven made in alternating colors so I can wear one for each day. I'll probably put "GROHL" on the back like it's a sports team. Or if not the  happy schoolgirl Grohl, then definitely a happy Nirvana-drummer Grohl. Because the guy was even more goofy looking as a skinny-ass long-haired big-mouthed Animal-wannabe. Now that I think about it, I should have a pic of him drumming on the front and a pic of Animal drumming on the back. Maybe that'll be my next shirt.

I remember being in love with that video when it came out. I was like...twelve? Perfect. It was love at first sight. Dave Grohl as the gay flight attendant. Dave Grohl as the pilot. Dave Grohl as the omgbiggestfanever schoolgirl. As the fat lady. As himself. And then there's the random Tenacious D appearance, and anybody who knows me at all knows I love them too. I'll definitely have to make several different shirts, as I clearly have far too many ideas for just one. None with short-haired Grohl though. Only long, wildman Grohl. I still to this day cannot believe I saw them in concert a couple years ago. That was just...ugh. I have no words. I'll have to hunt for some pictures from it.

A tiny bit of housekeeping; I've decided to do a Caturday every other week for now since I'm not posting as much as I'd like. If I did it every week, that's probably all I'd be posting. Trying to keep some variety here. Either way I'll probably have updates on my Grohl shirt progress, because I am serious about this, and I don't care what you say.