Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The New Hotness

Let me first give a piece of advice: Never assume something you've never done before is going to be simple, even if it honestly seems like it is going to be simple. If anyone has come here over the last week or so, you probably saw that god-awful "server not found" page day in and day out. Attempting to get Blogger to redirect to my newly unhosted domain was about as easy as convincing my cat to stop snacking on the roots of my hair in the dead of the night. Which is to say, really freaking hard. But it never would have happened as quickly if not for Mike Woycheck (the site-fixing, not the cat-convincing), who is possibly the most patient person I know, and who thankfully knew some secrets to get me up and running again. Tweet @woycheck and tell him he's awesome!

I honestly have about four blog posts in the works, and one or two are kind of out of date now since I'm an idiot and thought I'd be able to just change some server settings and have everything redirecting in two shakes of a lamb's tail, but I don't care too much, and if YOU care, you probably shouldn't be here at all.

Nevertheless, the newest bit of geekery in my life is that Casey got us tickets to the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert on February 25 for Valentine's Day, and I will most likely be weeping fat tears of joy the entire time. This is literally something I've wanted to see since I played Final Fantasy VII ages and ages ago. And then there's the complete, heart-wrenching ardor I feel for the Final Fantasy X score, which you may remember from this post. All of the symphonies were always in Japan or NYC or somewhere else equally unachievable. And it's happening in ten days. Ten! I've had so much to look forward to this year and there's still more to come. So since everything seems to be working again, expect a post later today involving my views on some of the copycat games that have been popping up (I'm looking at you, Zynga) and even more to come. Hopefully no more hiccups with the site in the future!

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