Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shameful Tiny Tower Clone is Shameful; Zynga not Ashamed

As much as I hate bolstering whatever usage and download statistics Zynga has, I downloaded Dream Heights a day or two after it was released. As I suspected, the game is an embarrassment. Their one and only original idea for it seems to be specific famous landmarks for you to surpass, such as the Taj Mahal and Statue of Liberty. That' I guess.
Oh come on. They aren't including the torch in the height for the Statue of Liberty? It's un-American! These bastards hate America!

I got a little carried away, but I digress.

The graphics are horrid, and I'll never understand what makes Zynga think this looks good. And all of their games look like this. The "Zyngafied" graphics are like their special personal touch. I wonder if over at Zynga headquarters, a game is made, then placed into a "Zyngafier" contraption that pretty much makes it look like garbage. For some reason that wouldn't surprise me.

One thing that makes me happy is the amount of one-star reviews for it on iTunes. Nevertheless, it's not enough to make a huge difference. As of this moment, there are 659 one-star reviews, and 5416 five-star reviews. Also irritating is Zynga employees posting five-star reviews. I'm sure every company does this. But the fact that a Zynga producer called the game "beautiful, fun, and polished" makes me weep a little bit.

The problem is that if Zynga makes something, it will be a top download, and people will love it no matter what it is. They could make another clone of literally any game, and people will post glowing reviews of how amazing it is. And all we can do to dispute it is post one-star reviews on the game, which really doesn't do much in the long run. That's about the only thing anyone can do though. I'll be interested to see if anything develops in the coming weeks. In the meantime, do not download this game. Download Tiny Tower. And remember: Friends don't let friends play blatant copies of successful games.

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