Saturday, March 10, 2012

New iPad vs. New Couch

I want the new iPad (I almost typed "iPad 3" here, but that just wasn't meant to be). But I'm moving in two months and the option to get one was never really an option at all. Just a far-fetched dream involving sipping pina coladas in the Bahamas while reading an article on my iPad. Or waiting for a flight to Italy while reading an article on my iPad. Or having somebody take a picture of me meeting Sidney Crosby, then them probably running away with my iPad, and me being very upset for about two seconds before I realize I'm standing next to Sidney Crosby and this would probably be a good story to tell our children someday.

So me getting a new iPad was obviously farfetched. Until my dad told me someone was going to offer me $400 for my original. I had an idea that this was an astronomical number. So I thought about it for about twelve hours, ten of which I was fast asleep for, and I've decided to do it. Now the only problem is that I'm moving in two months, need tons of furniture, and really shouldn't be spending any single bits of money on gadgets.

But I mean who am I kidding? I'd rather spend a couple hundred on a new iPad than have a couch. People can sit on the floor. Nice comfy floor.

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