Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moving (Mostly) Complete: Initiate Enjoyment Phase

Seriously, bless my mother and her Doctor Who t-shirt for attempting to make sense of this madness, but NOT EVEN I CAN MAKE SENSE OF THIS MADNESS.

Anywho, I haven't posted in a month because things are finally becoming less HAJKDHLSKJAK around here. Just a few days ago I finally got to actually sleep in the bedroom, on my fully-assembled bed. Where, as you'll see below, I spent three weeks sleeping on the mattress in the middle of the living room floor. And then there's the matter of the whirlwind romance I had with the LG plasma TV from hell. I parted ways with that asshole after fighting for several weeks to save our relationship. But it, quite literally, just wasn't working. 

So here's my basic setup for those three weeks:

  1. The LG plasma TV from hell, probably on the only night that it actually worked.
  2. Where I laid on my back listening to ten thousand tractor trailers rumbling past on nights when I had the windows open, while my cat sang songs to the walls.
  3. "The Beast." This a/c unit comes very close to hitting absolute zero, and on several occasions I've been tempted to call a scientist because I'm fairly certain I've broken a record.
  4. Four hundred boxes of useless shit.

But all that aside, my living room floor is now clear, and I adore where I live. I already have a route I take when I go on walks in the evenings. I hit up the library (the first thing I gave up in order to save money was buying books, because I buy way too many) and check out what's new, then sit for awhile on the stone wall outside the library just relaxing. Then I hop down and go up the street past all the little outdoor cafes and pick up a coffee beverage at Starbucks. Sometimes I sit outside there for awhile too, just people-watching. I'm completely thrilled that I moved where I did. There's also a Wines and Spirits within walking distance. I don't need to elaborate any further.

So this coming weekend I get to buy me a couch and proceed to become one of those people with an apartment full of Ikea furniture. Who meets a guy named Tyler Durden on an airplane and then finds out his apartment full of Ikea furniture has exploded, except he actually did it himself, but you have no idea until later, and I just ruined the movie/book for anyone who hasn't seen it/read it. But seriously who the hell hasn't seen it/read it? You're all losers.

I also have a feeling I'll be indulging in a Macbook Pro in a couple months. Because you know, I need it and stuff. For all the professional geeking that I do. On my future couch in my living room.